This is the most innovative light bulb in the market today. The Magic Light Bulb definitely lives up to it's name. The well-designed LED light has dual functionality, it is rechargeable and can double for a flashlight. You are able to twist it off any light socket and switch it to flashlight mode during any emergency. It provides excellent light distribution with a lightweight feel. 

It casts an incandescent, beautiful, bright light for residential and commercial spaces. It provides a wide beamed, balanced light source with a bulb that is nearly indistinguishable from any traditional LED Light. 





Benefits in having a Magic Bulb: 

1  Energy saving and multifunctional.
2. Both used as E27 bulb and a Flashlight.
3. Environmental protection without ultraviolet and infrared.
4. It can last more than 2-3 hours when AC power has been cut off.
5. Rechargeable emergency bulb with internal rechargeable lithium battery.
6. When AC power supplies, battery can be charged anytime.
7. Simply pull the handle up, you can turn Magic Bulb into a hand-held flashlight.
8. Rechargeable LED Light Bulb that keeps on illuminating even without electricity supply.
9. Perfect for power failure emergencies. 



Product Specification 
Model MB7W-A
Wattage 7W
Type of LED 50 pcs high luminance diodes
size D-70mm, L-107mm (normal), D-70mm, L-139mm (after Pull)
Colour temperature (Kelvin) 2700K-3000K (Warm white, soft white)
Weight 157g
Lumen 240lm
Casing Material PC
Light beam angle 60 degree
Voltage AC85V-265V
Socket E26 or E27
Luminous efficacy 85 Lm/watt
Non-maintained luminous times 3.5 hours
Certificate CE, ROHS







    Function Modes: 

    Bottom switch – can be used as a normal light bulb – when electricity supply is on,
    the bulb stays on – when electricity supply is off – the light stays off.

    Middle switch – Used for rapid recharging of the built in rechargeable battery – the light stays off.

    Top switch – The light stays on when electricity supply is switched on and will stay on for 3 hours even if electricity is turned off,
    provided the built-in battery is fully charged.
    The bulb can also be used as a hand-held flash light by pulling its built-in handle down from the bottom. 









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